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If you just need to add to-dos from a non-Apple device to Things, you can use our handy Mail to Things feature. You can also use the iCloud website to enter to-dos into Reminders and then import them into Things later. Things currently does not have any dedicated collaboration features collaborating on a specific list or task. You can, however, share one Things Cloud account with someone else to collaborate on the entire content of that account.

Is Things a single purchase for all devices? Do I have to buy Things multiple times? Each app is a separate purchase the Watch cultured code things web app free download is included with the iPhone. Are there discounts? Have you got a new device or did you have to wipe your old one? Since you bought Как сообщается здесь through the App Store, you can easily reinstall the app. Follow the instructions on this page.

You can download our Mac trial version here and use it without limitations for 14 days. It requires macOS This option is only available to apps that have in-app purchases or subscriptions. Learn more here. On the Mac, deleted to-dos and projects go to the Trash. You can, however, recover the last deleted item: shake your device immediately after a deletion to recover it.

Invoke Quick Entry with autofill again, wait for seconds until you see the error message appear. Ссылка на продолжение it by hitting OK and immediately afterwards reboot your Mac per the on-screen instructions. To change the email адрес страницы you are using with Things Cloud, follow these instructions. You can always manually re-arrange to-dos or your own lists in to any order you prefer by dragging and dropping, though.

Projects added to the Someday list are also inactive. If you need help to set up a repeating rule that only repeats on weekdays, weekends, or just specific days, have a look at the instructions on this page.

If you are making changes to a repeating to-do but the next time the to-do appears those changes are gone you have edited the copy cultured code things web app free download the repeating to-do, not the template. In order for changes to stick and appear in future copies, you must edit the repeating template. Frequently Asked Questions. Here are the answers to our подробнее на этой странице questions.

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  So we built Things Cloud to be fast — crazy fast. Achieving this meant not only creating a speedy sync engine in the cloud, but also finely tuning each of the apps to process changes from it quickly. The result is a nimble service that makes light work of complex processes. For example, when you move completed items to your Logbook, only. Things Support - Cultured Code. Getting Productive with Things. A quick guide to getting the most out of Things. Read more. Frequently Asked Questions. Things for Windows/Android/web. Move Things to a new Mac/iPad/iPhone. Location-Based Reminders. Repeating to-dos. level 1. nilnoca. · 2y. For now, I believe the best you could get is a Chrome Extension to add tasks to Things (making use of the Mail to Things feature). You could use the Zapier Push chrome extension to add tasks. You could get the same functionality by building a preset mailto: URI and using it as a Chrome custom search engine or.    

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