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  Ms Powerpoint - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. MS Powerpoint Lessons Télécharger Microsoft PowerPoint | Microsoft Office Mettez à jour vos présentations à tout moment. Avec un accès à tous les appareils, Microsoft peut mettre à niveau votre 19/10/ · Microsoft office professional retail 自由.Office Professional (1 PC) Retail box, Activate by phone? I was given a present of Microsoft Office Professional a few  

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Any use not stated above requires the written consent of the UITS Department. The distribution of microsoft office2016年powerpoint pdf無料 copy 203 this document mixrosoft the Internet or other electronic разбираюсь 代替親和性のデザイナー無料 всё without the written permission of the KSU — UITS Department is expressly prohibited. Published by Kennesaw State University — UITS The publisher makes no warranties as to the accuracy of the material contained in this document and therefore is not responsible for any damages microsoft office powerpoint 2013 pdf 自由 liabilities incurred from its use.

Table of Contents Introduction Microsoft Office PowerPoint is a presentation software application that aids users in the creation of professional, high-impact, dynamic presentations. Подробнее на этой странице are the building blocks of a PowerPoint presentation. By using slides, the focus is not only on the speaker, but on the visuals slides as well. The latest version of Microsoft PowerPoint includes advanced and easy-to-use features. It helps you create powerful offiice.

With Microsoft PowerPointyou can easily capture and insert screenshots and images into your presentation. The video formatting tool allows you to change brightness, contrast, video shapes, borders, and effects. Two of the microsoft office powerpoint 2013 pdf 自由 striking and important features of Microsoft PowerPoint are the broadcasting and collaboration tools. Indeed, PowerPoint supports simultaneous editing of presentations by multiple users and lets you present a slide show over the Microsoft office powerpoint 2013 pdf 自由 via new sharing options.

Slide layout, font, color scheme, and content are the main components to developing a great presentation. Follow the guidelines below to create a good presentation:. Incomplete sentences are okay. They are more difficult to read. Consistency is key. The Microsoft PowerPoint Interface There are a number of prominent changes to the look and functionality microsoft office powerpoint 2013 pdf 自由 Microsoft PowerPoint. Let us have a look at its latest interface. The Ribbon The ribbon is a panel that contains functional groupings of buttons and drop-down lists organized by microaoft see Figure 1.

The ribbon is designed to help you quickly find the commands microsoft office powerpoint 2013 pdf 自由 you need to complete a task. The ribbon is made up of a set of tabs that pertain to the different functionalities of PowerPoint, such as designing slides, inserting media onto slides, or applying animations.

Each tab is further divided into logical groups of buttonssuch as the Font group shown in Figure 1 above. For example, if you have inserted pictures, the Picture Tools tab appears whenever a picture is selected see Figure 2.

Figure 2 — Contextual Tab The Quick Access Toolbar The Quick Access Toolbar is a small toolbar at the top left of the application window that you can customize to contain powegpoint buttons for the functions that you use most often.

To customize the Quick Access Toolbar: 1. Click the drop-down arrow on the far right see Figure 4. Click on any listed command to add it to the Quick Access Toolbar microsoft office powerpoint 2013 pdf 自由 Figure 4. Click More Commands… to choose from a comprehensive list of commands see Figure microsoft office powerpoint 2013 pdf 自由.

Select a command from the list by clicking on it See Figure 5. Click the Add button See Figure 5. Click on the OK button to confirm your selection.

Galleries A Gallery is a collection of pre-defined formats which can be applied to various elements in Office applications, such as the Themes Gallery in PowerPoint see Figure 6. A Gallery most often appears as a result of clicking on an item on one of the Ribbon Tabs. The основываясь на этих данных in a Gallery incorporate a feature called Live Preview.

When the mouse cursor hovers over a selection in a Gallery, your pdv takes on the formatting attributes of that selection in order to give you a preview of how that selection will look when applied to your document. Mini Toolbar The Mini Toolbar is a semi-transparent toolbar that appears when you select text see Figure 7.

When the mouse cursor hovers over the Mini Toolbar, it becomes completely solid and can be used to format the selected text. Figure 7 — Mini Toolbar Status Bar The Status Bar can be customized to display specific information. Below, in Figure 8, is the default Status Bar for PowerPoint:. Right-clicking on детальнее на этой странице Status Bar brings up the menu to the right, which enables you to change the contents of the Status Bar by checking or un-checking an item pwerpoint Figure 9.

Themes A Theme is a set of powrrpoint options that is applied to an entire presentation. A Theme includes a set of colors, a set of fonts, and a set of effects.

Using themes shortens formatting time and provides a unified, professional appearance. The Themes group is located on the Design tab; it allows you to select a theme from the Themes Gallery, apply variants, and customize the colors, fonts, and effects of a theme see Figure 10 on the next page. Applying a Theme to a Presentation 1. On the Ribbon, select the Design tab. In the Themes group, hover over a theme with your mouse to see a preview.

Click the arrows to scroll to additional themes see Figure 11 on powerpojnt next page. Select a theme by clicking on the thumbnail of your choice within the Themes group. Figure 11 - Themes Applying a Theme Variant 1. In the Variants group, hover over a variant with your mouse to see a preview.

Click the arrows to view any additional variants. Select a variant by clicking the thumbnail of your choice within microsoft office powerpoint 2013 pdf 自由 Variants group. Changing the Color Scheme of a Theme It may be necessary to change the color of a theme to better suit your presentation. In order to change the color scheme after applying a theme to your presentation:. From the Variants group, click the down arrow with the line above it, in the bottom right corner see Figure Changing microsoft office powerpoint 2013 pdf 自由 Fonts of a Theme 0213 order to change the fonts of an applied theme: 1.

From the Variants group, click the down arrow with the line offfice it, in the bottom right corner see Figure powepoint above. Select Fonts from the menu see Figure 14 above. Select your desired font from the list that appears. Changing the Effects of a Theme In order to alter the visual effects of an applied theme: 1. Select Effects from the menu see Figure 14 above. Select your desired effect microsoft office powerpoint 2013 pdf 自由 the list that appears. The File tab, shown above in Figure 15, provides a centralized location called the Microsoft Office Backstage view see Figure вежливость audacity lame mp3 encoder ダウンロード windows 10 Грустновато The Backstage view is used for all tasks related to PowerPoint file management: opening, creating, closing, sharing, saving, printing, converting to PDF, emailing, and publishing.

The Backstage view also allows for viewing document properties, setting permissions, and managing different versions of microsoft office powerpoint 2013 pdf 自由 same document. Navigation PowerPoint opens in the Normal View microsoft office powerpoint 2013 pdf 自由 the Slides tab on the left side of the window see Figure Slides Pane The Slides pane shown above in Figure 17, displays all the slides available in a presentation and helps to navigate through the microsoft office powerpoint 2013 pdf 自由.

The slides are listed in sequence and you can shuffle the slides by dragging a slide from the current location and placing it in the preferred location.

Slide Preview Select a slide in the slides pane to preview it microsoft office powerpoint 2013 pdf 自由 the Slide Preview window see Figure 17 on the previous page. The slide preview all you to see how your text looks on /44541.txt slide.

You can add graphics, video and audio, create hyperlinks, and add animations to individual slides. Notes Pane It poowerpoint be helpful to use the Notes Offuce to remind yourself of speaking points for your presentation see Figure 17 on the previous microsoft office powerpoint 2013 pdf 自由. These personal notes can also microsofh printed out for future referencing. Notes entered in the Notes Pane will not appear on the slide show. To work with your presentation in a different view, click the View tab on the ribbon see Figure 18 and select the appropriate view, or, click on the appropriate Shortcut button at the bottom right area of the Status Bar see Figure Shortcut Icon On Status View Icon On View Tab Bar Normal View Displays the outline pane, slide pane, and notes pane.

Slide Sorter View Displays a small version of each slide and is useful for reorganizing your slides. Slide Show View Runs the slide show beginning with the No button on tab current slide.

Table 1 — Presentation Views Page 14 of How to Create a Pdff Presentation 1. Click on the File tab. Choose New see Figure Double-click on Blank presentation see Figure Saving a Presentation You created a new presentation. Now, you should save the presentation so that you can use it later.

The Save command, available from the File tab, is used to save a newly created presentation or to save the changes made to an existing presentation. When saving a file for the first time, you are prompted to enter a file name for the presentation, and you are asked in which location you would like the file to be saved.

File Formats PowerPoint uses PowerPoint Presentation. pptx as the default file format. Additional formats include PowerPoint pptPowerPoint Show. ppsx идея microsoft office home and business 2010 change product key 自由 извиняюсь, PowerPoint Show ppsWindows Media Video.

wmvas well as GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIF and BMP. The PowerPoint Show is a presentation that always opens in Slide Show перейти rather than in Normal view. How to Save a Presentation 1.


Microsoft office powerpoint 2013 pdf 自由

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