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Philips Norelco NT9110 Precision Nose and Ear Trimmer Review

Philips Norelco NT9110 Precision Nose and Ear Trimmer Review

I sold Philips Norelco NT9110 Precision Nose and Ear Trimmer because it's reasonably-priced and because I want to see if it is a superb opportunity to plucking nose hair.  I am a lady so it genuinely pisses me off after I see long hairs coming out of my nostrils.  It's just unsightly.  I get embarrassed every time someone will tell me approximately it.

I used to pluck them but you could simply consider how painful it's miles.  Every unmarried hair being plucked is like being injected on the inside of my nostril.  I additionally tried using the scissors however once I accidentally cut a thin skin and my nostril bled.  It's simply not secure to use it.  So if tweezers are painful and if scissors are not secure, I figured that I will now not lose something if I do that nostril and ear trimmer.

What I like approximately it's miles that I don't need precision tool and dieworry if trimming my nose hair will be painful or if it'll pull the hair.  It does what it guarantees.  It trims the ugly nose hair and I am happy that sooner or later I determined the proper tool for my problem place.

Another trouble vicinity for me is my eyebrow.  My eyebrow is thick and hairs sprout under it making my eye place appearance shady.  I tried the attachment which is meant to be for the shaping of the eyebrow.  At first, I was certainly scared due to the fact I realize that after I accidentally trim a part of my eyebrow, it will never develop once more.  The product glided easily and it did an amazing activity in shaping my brows.

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